Avoid Getting Into Trouble With LHDN & Customs

There is really no secret formulas or pro tips 

Yes, part of our professional services is to mitigate your circumstances when you are already in the jaws of LHDN and customs. We are very good at what we do, and we are not shy to say that we make a lot of money from it. But…

We would rather make less money by being in contact with you and your organizations earlier so that you can avoid problems in the first place

It’s a big misconception that you should engage a tax consultant to get you out of trouble when you are under investigation. Two reasons

First, our primary role If you are already in such a predicament is to find ways to reduce the damages. Not to perform a magic vanishing act.

Secondly, the good folks at LHDN and Customs went after you because they detected some irregularity with your activities, not because they’ve got nothing better to do. Activities causing those anomalies can be easily avoided with professional guidance.  

Prevention is better than cure adage is as true in our industry as in any others.

I Don't Want To Overpay Any Taxes, and I Want To Avoid Misunderstanding With The Authorities

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