Business Financing, Corporate Investments, Start-up Investing, Accounts Receivables Management


Executive Director & Co-Founder

Majawit & Co.

We created this group so that local SMEs and start-up operators could receive valuable services and advice from fellow entrepreneurs who themselves have experienced the highs and lows of operating their own businesses.  

Stanney P. Majawit is an investor, entrepreneur and data analytics geek with an obsessive passion for data analytics, macro-economics and start-up businesses

He oversees general strategy for Majawit & Co. and leads a division focused on helping businesses shorten their working capital cycle by way of process re-evaluation, technology implementation, and short-term financing options to ease pressures on their cash flow. 

His 20+ years in business have been spent entirely with start-up organizations providing data analytics, business intelligence and fintech solutions to manufacturing, intelligence services, FMCG, and the financial services industry across the APAC region

He is equally at ease shifting from a strategy and marketing discussion into how we can go about evaluating Z-score from a log-transformed dataset and programming with Python. This ability to relate with both technical and business audiences to succinctly bridge their perspective gap is a crucial ingredient to achieve success in any collaborative endeavours

Stann hails from Kota Kinabalu Sabah and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University in the US. He currently lives in Damansara Perdana with his family and enjoys chess, literature, and long-distance running


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