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Executive Director

SERN YII Management Sdn. Bhd.


A Dedicated On-Site Accounting Firm

Dorothy Tai or “Dot” as she prefers to be called is a chartered accountant and registered company secretary with a very keen eye for detail.

As founder and primary driver at Sern Yii Management Sdn Bhd, Dorothy leads the corporate advisory segment and co-helms the accounting division with YC Yau for Majawit & Co. She is focused on helping SMEs have proper and up-to-date accounting records whilst ensuring that compliance to accounting standards are always adhered to.

Her other role is to ensure that 3rd party auditors, company secretaries and tax consultants are always on top of their game when communicating with business owners to make sure that communication is streamlined, and enquiries are adequately addressed. 

Dot has vast and diverse industry exposure working with world-class organizations. She spent 5 years with a Japanese construction company as a finance manager and a decade with Ernst & Young as an auditor gaining solid operational exposures as well as a thorough understanding of different internal controls system which serves her well when she started her own business in 2015

Working with Dot and her associate is fun, easy and convenient. She and her team can travel to your premises to perform on-site accounting services ensuring that you always have a clear view of your business’s cash flow, revenue streams and tax situations.

Dot hails from Kota Kinabalu Sabah but calls KL her home for the last 10 years. She is an animal lover and besides her beloved pooch, she is rarely seen without some kind of Doraemon paraphernalia adorning her bags, books, hats and stationaries.


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