Save The Environment & Reduce 30% on Your Electricity Bill

Renewable energy, particularly solar is no longer for Hippies. As recent as the late noughties, they are still very expensive and only the environmentally-conscious folks are keen. 


Prices have dropped so much that today, they are cheaper than coal, gas, geothermal, and nuclear and they will remain so.  


Solar and Wind, especially the former in our country will not only save the environment for our next generation, but they will also save you lots of money from reduced bills and tax incentives. Conservatively you are expected to save 30%** and for places such as International schools and commercial buildings, this could mean savings of tens of thousands of Ringgit every month.

**Detail studies need to be conducted before the product can be qualified to meet clients expectation

I Would Like To Know More About Powering My Premise(s) With Solar Energy

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