Are You Going Fat or Are You Going Lean?

There are several ways and scenarios for right-sizing your organization. Have a look at the list below: –

  1. Performance management – means you are removing unproductive or maybe unsuitable employees due to corporate restructuring.
  2. Dismissal on disciplinary grounds through due Inquiry provided by Employment Act 1955
  3. Dismissal on insubordination through a domestic Inquiry process
  4. Dismissal on breach of acts of misconduct
  5. Retrenchment
  6. Voluntary Separation
  7. Mutual Separation
  8. Resignation
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Did you know that there are 8-steps required of you if you were to choose items 5,6 and 7 above? These include town hall meetings with all employees, preparations of payout packages, 1-2-1 meetings with impacted employees, info submission for retraining \ reskilling and many more.

Failing to follow these 8-steps properly could prevent you from making any hiring for the next 6 months, not to mention a slew of other potential problems with the authority.

Do you think you have the time, energy or expertise to do those?

We have not even mentioned the processes and procedures required if you were to choose items 1,2, 3 and 4!

An experienced HR consultant will not only allow you to stay focus on running your business, but their presence could also help ease any psychological stress your soon to be ex-employees faces because part of an excellent HR consultant’s repertoire is to paint a clear vision and hope for their next professional journey.

I Need Help To Right-Size My Organization The Right Way

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