Auditing, Forensic Auditing, Data Analysis, Tax Compliance and Advisory, Company Secretarial Services


C.A.(M), FCCA, Asean CPA, SAS Certified Predictive Analyst

Managing Partner & Founder

YC Yau & Co.

YC Yau & Co. is a firm providing professional services specializing in assurance covering statutory audits, due diligence, investigations, compliance, litigation support and data analytics.

Our firm boasts extensive experience relating to corporate matters, including accounting standards, corporate structures, commercial terms, company law, contract law, litigation, mergers and acquisition, secretarial matters, taxation, and more

Yau is a chartered accountant, analyst, lawyer in training and a techie all rolled into one. He is a detective with an uncanny ability to spot anomalies created by would-be fraudsters who could potentially bring harm to you and your business

Yau operates his audit practice, YC Yau & Co. and leads the assurance business with Majawit & Co. helping businesses to gain credibility on their business performances via audit investigations, due diligence and strict adherence to compliance.

He has more than a decade worth of experience in the assurance industry as an auditor and forensic investigator with the big-4 and other top international firms servicing clients in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunication, aviation, insurance, investment holding, property development, and more before setting up YC Yau & Co.

Yau’s pragmatism and his ability to process information across multi-disciplinary fields in accounting, law and data sciences allow him to be a highly effective leader as evidenced by his previous record of leading a team of auditors to perform due diligence exercise worth 4 million USD with 10 different organizations across the country in a single month.  

Standing well over 1.9 meters tall, Yau is an imposing figure who is well-liked and respected by people around him for his highly approachable and friendly demeanour. KL born and bred, his hobbies include basketball, chess and banging the drums. He is currently wrapping up his second degree in law from the University of Malaya


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