Logistics, Shipping, Warehousing


General Manager

Eagle Freight Logistics Sdn Bhd

Winner of the Best Leverage Company Award 2008 Malaysia by World Freight Partnership (WFP)

Terry Cheah is an entrepreneur and business podcast enthusiast. He is also a keen networker with over 3 decades of experience in the logistics industry. Name your logistics issues, he has seen them all.

As the primary driver for Eagle Freights Sdn Bhd, Terry leads the consulting and services division for all things related to shipping, storage and deliveries at Majawit & Co. Before setting up his own business in 2000, he honed his skills working for IATA and Cathay Pacific Airways overseeing supply chain solutions for global companies dealing with general cargo and pharma logistics.

His wealth of experience, connection and adaptability allow him to dig deep into the root causes of every business and operational issue relating to the logistics space. His motto is never a bad day – if he can’t fix it, he’ll always know someone who could immediately.

Originally from Penang, Terry now lives in KL with his wife and two lovely grown daughters. He enjoys reading adventure and business series and is a keen musician.


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