Digital Marketing, Social Media Management


Executive Director

Pacer Marketing Sdn Bhd

A boutique marketing agency with core competencies in social media marketing, creative content creation and digital marketing, helping businesses across all industries establish a strong presence through strategic touch point placements.

Danial is passionate about building online sales funnels. A quintessential millennial, he grew up around the digital landscape as his playground, and despite earning a degree in mechanical engineering, he decided that digital marketing was his calling.

As founder and chief consultant at Pacer Marketing Sdn Bhd, his predominant focus is to plan and equip the group’s clients with proper digital marketing strategies to ensure that sales funnel data are utilized as a primary decision-making tool to help drive revenue up and to keep advertising cost down.

Platforms come and go but the rise of social media has changed the whole marketing landscape for virtually every type of businesses. Effective sales funnel implementation together with the reach of social media platforms act as a strong lead generation tool for businesses large and small.

Prior to setting up his own marketing agency, Danial has worked with big brands in Malaysia and Japan as well as playing a central role in leading campaigns and projects to push products into the market.

Danial has a unique approach and mindset to marketing in the digital world which combines behavioural psychology, data-driven decision making and a deep understanding of market drivers which translates to profitability in advertising campaigns.

Born and bred in KL, Danial holds a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering specializing in Petroleum from the University of Southampton in the UK. He lives in Subang with family and list basketball, reading and cooking as his favourite pastime


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Your competitors are ramping up digitally and they’ll soon be converting more leads and prospects into clients while spending a lot less marketing money. Do you still want to do things the old way?


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