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Executive Director

Pewarna Tax Solutions Sdn Bhd


We ensure that you and your organization stay out of trouble and always pay your “fair share” in taxes

Jeremy is a tax specialist and strategist who spent the last 10 years learning his craft with one of the country’s most established accountancy and management consulting firm – YYC Advisors.

He is the current go-to tax specialist at Majawit & Co. providing tax planning and corporate tax planning and advisory services for local SMEs as well as cross-border clients dealing with international taxation laws & regulations.

His extensive CV with YYC covers work done for the SMEs, MNCs and large local conglomerates which include luminaries like AirAsia Bhd and Tec D in Malaysia as well as their regional branches throughout the Asia Pacific region. As of 2021, he joined the ranks of his fellow entrepreneurs at Majawit & Co with the founding of his advisory firm Pewarna Solutions Sdn Bhd

Jeremy thinks on his feet and believes that sincerity and integrity are the core foundation of a good business relationship. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and management from Oxford Brookes University and currently pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in law from the University of London.

Jeremy enjoys horror movies and is a keen bodybuilder who spends a lot of his free time working out at the gym. He hails from Penang and is proud of his Peranakan heritage


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