My Debtors Ageing Report Is Ageing Faster Than The Japanese Population

The video below is from an organisation that process about a million invoices every year, but this is the same story with every company in Malaysia that is tracking more than a thousand invoices every month.  

Are there any pain points stated on the video that resonates with you and your organisation?

Instead of a boring technical writeup, we prefer to show you a demo of the solution. You will learn via a short zoom session how you can collect more money in a shorter time period by:-

  1. Making fewer mistakes
  2. Communicating more effectively with your team members and debtors
  3. Eliminating redundancy
  4. Reducing the cost of collection
  5. Having the ability to reach out to more debtors in a single day and then automating that process seamlessly in a standardised format so that debtors received regular reminders
  6. Letting your debtors manage their own debts via a self-service portal and give them the ability to make direct payments for selected invoices via a built-in payment gateway 
  7. Giving you the ability to TRACK AND MEASURE EVERYTHING near real-time

Yes, I Would Like A FREE Demo Of The Solution

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