Want To Buy Gloves? Here's How You Do It Minus The Scammers

Simple answer - kick out everyone that is not connected directly to the eventual buyer!

Easier said than done? Not really!

You need to ensure two things: First, speak to the manufacturers directly, and secondly make sure that payments are made only to them. Not to some intermediaries, lawyers or even consulting outfit like us. 

Our clients are local nitrile and latex glove manufacturers based in Malaysia. They produce high quality in-house brands manufactured at their own facilities as well as through OEM arrangements with giant producers such as TopGlove, Hartalega and Kossan.

Ideal buyers are overseas PPE and medical devices distributors who are the actual paymasters in this transaction. The minimum order is 15,000 boxes per month for a 6 to 12 months contract. For local buyers, MOQ is set at 1,000 boxes per month.

Click to register your interest below, and we will get you connected to our clients if you pass our verification process. Our services have been paid for by our clients, and all commercial discussions will be conducted directly between you and our clients (manufacturers), without our involvement.

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