How Valuable Is Being On The 1st Page Of Google Search Result?

Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting on the first page of any Google search results when anyone keys in search items for product and services categories that you offer. 

It is not to be confused with paid Google and Facebook advertisements. SEO is more organic and is all about visibility. 

A visibility consultant keeps track of the ever-changing algorithm so that your links, content, tagline, title, keywords, and a dozen of other variables are optimised for Google’s search engines; thus, giving you that ultra coveted spot on the first pages of their search results. 

When was the last time you checked page 2 or 3 of any Google search results? For most, almost never!

Contrary to popular belief, SEO exercise can be relatively inexpensive, and highly effective at the same time in the hands of an experienced visibility strategist.

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