Still Chasing Those Payments from Your Clients?

Whether it’s the 100th day of a supposedly 30-day payment term or it’s way past the 1000th day – what is rightfully yours should remain so.

The chart below indicates that Malaysian companies are the second-worst in Asia in terms of making payments for services and products they’d already received – and that survey was BEFORE Covid.

Imagine the number of excuses that they’ll have in today’s market condition!

Stop these folks from “bullying” you any further and demand what is rightfully yours. After all, Covid doesn’t discriminate any particular business sectors – everyone is affected and you need your payments to stay afloat yourself. 

If you have a mental image of us being a hard-nosed brute with zero diplomatic skills showing up to your client’s doorstep for collection and ruin any future relationships, then, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

More than just a recovery expert, we are also qualified attorneys and we fully understand the need for a gentler approach so that your commercial relationship with your paymasters will continue beyond this exercise. 

If you don’t collect, we don’t get paid.

Please Help Me Collect From My Debtor(s)

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