“Harbouring” Over Not Being Understood?

These are challenging times with movement control being implemented across the globe. Predominantly most pitfalls can be due to these 7 factors which are very “routine” for us at Eagle Freight logistics having seen it all over the last 30 plus years. 

  1. Delivery issues

    • Lack of live updates on progress and status of shipments.
  2. Overpriced services

    • Inefficient delivery systems causing price spike even for regular (non-express) shipments
  3. Sluggish response

    •  Guaranteed 24-hour response from us at all times
  4. Language barrier

    • Our team of communications specialists make sure that your goods are accurately and securely stored, and delivered overseas
  5. Overly “sophisticated” billing system

    •  We keep it sweet & simple here at Eagle Freight
  6. What about door-to-door shipping?

    •  Jumbo cargo overseas? We got you covered
  7. Overseas support

    •  Our large global network allows us to serve you anytime, anywhere

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