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Making world-class business consulting, and expansive single-stop multi-solutions provisioning accessible to Start-ups, SMEs and beyond.

Convenient and practical solutions for SMEs and beyond.

Our group consists of experienced entrepreneurs diagnosing problems across an expansive array of business functions so that clients can enjoy the convenience of multi-vendor solutions and implementation from a single point of reference for ease of support and administration.


Need a high-powered CFO but headcount is an issue?

Do you need a world-class CFO to help strategise your next big move, restructure, raise additional capital, and more, but lack the necessary funds to hire a full time professional?

Find out what we have in store for you ...

Having difficulty financing your business?

You can reduce your company’s cash flow pressure by financing up to 5 million Ringgit using licensed crowdfunding platforms...

Avoid getting into trouble with LHDN & Customs

Have you received "love letters" from these government agencies? Let us help you if you did. If you haven't, we can show you how to prevent from getting one...

Should You lawyer up? Do you know what a Legal Audit Is?

The same reason you buy insurance is the same reason why you should appoint a lawyer. You never know when things will go wrong.

How do you know if your contract protects you? Talk to a lawyer and reduce your litigation risks now...

Get maximum results from your BI tools

Garbage-in-garbage-out. Are your data models properly optimised to give you the most relevant dashboard? Inefficient setup could cost you millions of Ringgit in lost opportunities...

Are you Going fat or are you Going lean?

Should you decide to go lean, there are a few things you need to know to avoid being taken to the industrial court for "letting go" of your employees. Here are a few pointers so that you can avoid unnecessary stress and time-wasting...

my business is profitable but i don't see the money!

So revenues are coming in and you feel that business is going great but why is your bank account near empty?

Trouble Collecting? Still chasing those payments from your clients?

Yes, we are in uncharted territory with Covid-19 but that shouldn't be used as an excuse to pay you late.

It doesn't matter if they are 100 days or 6 years late. You need to collect what is rightfully yours, and we know how to do it properly, gently and legally...

My Debtors ageing report is ageing faster than the Japanese population

If glaciers can move faster than your company's ability to collect payments from your debtors, then you are doing a few things wrong. Fortunately, they can be fixed easily...

turbocharge your profit through branding & design

The Ethos of a brand needs to match the great quality of products and services that you are providing – which means your brand deserves quality care and respect in order to match it...

It's My First Company Audit

If you are a new entrepreneur having your first (or maybe second) ever company audit, WATCH OUT for these 5 common pitfalls ...

Still Stuck With Old School Marketing?

Your competitors are ramping up digitally and they'll soon be converting more leads and prospects into clients while spending a lot less marketing money. Do you still want to do things the old way?

“Harbouring” Over Not Being Understood?

We know you are reliant on movement. We equip our customers to stay relevant in an ever-evolving market and we get your goods to their final destinations efficiently...

How Valuable Is being On The 1st Page of Google Search Result?

INVALUABLE is the answer, and it can be achieved organically without spending crazy amounts of money...

Save the environment and reduce 30% on your electricity bills

Places of worship, factories, private schools and commercial buildings in Malaysia are still paying over the top rates for an outdated energy source. Let us help you save tons of cash every month by burning clean energy...

A million "likes" on your social media does not equal profit

Ever wonder how to create profit through social media? We are able to assist you through our formulated system to increase engagement and conversion...

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“In giving presentations, use the 10/20/30 rule -  use only 10 slides, take 20 minutes maximum, and use at least 30-point fonts.”

Guy Kawasaki

“To be successful, you must manage your thoughts and control your time”


"I failed on my way to success".

Thomas Edison